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Message from the President

Dr. Leslie Meade


Dear Colleagues and Members of the Medical Association of Jamaica,

As we commemorate the 58th anniversary of our esteemed organization, it is an opportune moment to reflect on our journey and chart a course for even greater engagement and service to our members, communities, and the future generation of medical professionals.

In our ongoing commitment to our members, we have cultivated collaborations with various private entities to offer exclusive discounts and benefits. Through our secretariat, we facilitate access to life, health, and indemnity insurance products, underscoring our dedication to the well-being of our esteemed members.

The MAJ is well advanced in its development of its Data Protection Support Plan, a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding patients’ personal and sensitive information. This initiative underscores our proactive approach to the evolving landscape of data security. The Medical Association of Jamaica remains steadfast in supporting the communities in which we live, work, and practice. Through public education and the provision of cost-free medical
services, we contribute to the well-being of those we serve. It is imperative that we continue and expand upon these initiatives, reinforcing our role as healthcare advocates.

Recent data from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, along with research from other institutions, highlights the pressing need to address the rising epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the falling vaccination rates. As custodians of public health, we must redouble our efforts to combat this alarming trend and preserve the hard-fought gains made, especially, in the fight against Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.

Recognizing our influence within the population, we must intensify public awareness efforts regarding the foremost threat to health, as identified by the World Health Organization. To spearhead this endeavor, the Medical Association of Jamaica has established a Committee on Climate Change and Health.

In parallel, it is imperative that we reengage with Medical Students and Residents, elucidating the myriad benefits of MAJ membership. Moving forward, deliberate steps will be taken to strengthen our ties with the next generation of medical professionals.

I am honored to lead an organization comprised of dedicated individuals committed to serving the people of our nation. Your unwavering commitment is commendable, and I encourage each member to prioritize self-care and nurturing personal relationships. This balance ensures that you can continue to provide exemplary service consistently.

With optimism, I look forward to the path ahead for all of us as we embark on this journey of continued service and excellence.

Message from the President

Brian James

Dr. Brian James


The use of a website expands our engagement options. The Medical Association of Jamaica is steadfastly committed to the engagement of all its members, the public, and the Jamaican governance hierarchy.  We are therefore pleased to have completed the process of revamping and relaunching our website to better service this commitment.

The space on the internet will hereafter be a clearinghouse of information, education, news, and even some entertainment, where all stakeholders in the healthcare space can interact with the MAJ at the center. Our members will have a special area in which their business with the MAJ can be conducted in privacy. The public, including all our healthcare delivery partners, will have access to all other sections with healthcare delivery content that will be posted and regularly updated as necessary.

The annual MAJ Symposium is the centerpiece of MAJ educational activities each year. A page will be devoted to this activity and the talks will be available for viewing for at least three (3) years after they are presented at the conference. Factual and up-to-date medical information to members and the public will also occupy special pages and be given high priority. We will also be integrated with various social media platforms with the option of user comments or questions which will get answers from the MAJ as appropriate.

We pledge going forward, that this renewed website will form a busy hub around which Jamaica and the world will be able to interact with the Medical Association of Jamaica. It will help enhance the personal and professional development of our members and thereby enabling them to contribute optimally to the health and well-being of society.

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