Aim and Objectives

The Paediatric Association of Jamaica is a multidisciplinary organization which is
established to promote the welfare of children and to improve the health of
children with illnesses.


  1. To implement and maintain the highest possible standards of health care for
    all children in Jamaica.
  2. To act as an advocate in all matters pertaining to the health and welfare of all
    children in Jamaica.
  3. To promote public information, education, and involvement in matters
    pertaining to child health and development through the written and electronic
  4. To promote effective liaison between the Association and all other agencies
    concerned with the health and welfare of children in Jamaica.
  5. To contribute to and participate in Paediatric educational programmes directed
    to medical and paramedical personnel at all levels.
  6. To keep the medical and auxiliary professions up to date with the field of
    child health and development by means of clinical meetings, seminars,
    conferences and published material.
  7. To promote professional contacts between members of the Association and
    groups of individuals concerned with the health and development of the
    children (in the Caribbean) regionally and internationally.
  8. To encourage and support members in their efforts to improve the health and
    welfare of children.
  9. To foster ethical practice in paediatric care.